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Incentives and outcomes that align

founders, investors, and fund.

Incentives and outcomes that align

founders, investors, and fund.

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At Maddix Capital, we pride ourselves in looking, feeling, and operating different than the traditional private equity model. We are a spin-out of SkyLab Ventures, a $30M growth-to-exit venture capital fund.

We bring real world operational, investment, and execution experience along with a unique shared services model to enable businesses to scale and grow efficiently.

The Team


Jesse Silva
General Partner

Jesse Silva is an investor, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and operator. Coming from a lower-middle-class background, Jesse founded a small towing company and worked three jobs to support it. Over a decade, he leveraged M&A and grew a towing empire. Jesse sold the company and attracted the interest of financial institutions and national brands to replicate his successful system and structure. He has consulted as an asset manager in risky acquisitions, consulted with Little Caesars, and founded SkyLab Ventures, a $30M growth-to-exit venture capital fund.

Jake Gubler


Jake Gubler is well-versed in M&A, private / public capital raises, and corporate advisory. Before joining Maddix, Jake was the Manager of Corporate Development at Owlet (NYSE: OWLT), where he led M&A, partnership, and strategic analyses and execution efforts. Before Owlet, Jake spent time as an investment banker at Bank of America and Wells Fargo and as an analyst at Peterson Partners, a lower-middle market private equity fund. Jake has executed ~$10 billion of cumulative M&A and equity / debt transactions throughout his career, primarily across the technology and consumer / retail industries.

Dave Wright

Dave Wright is the CEO and founder of Pattern. Pattern is the world’s leading e-commerce accelerator with a world-class analytics platform, demonstrated by a near-perfect customer retention rate. Pattern raised in Oct of 2021 at a $2.2 billion valuation. Dave also has a history of successful angel investing in-and-around the eCommerce and technology verticals.

“As a former founder and operator who sold my bootstrapped business to a private equity fund, I appreciate all the strings that typically come with raising external capital. Maddix is here to break the model and create outcomes that are optimal for founders and investors alike”

Jesse Silva

Founder & General Partner

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We look to partner with exceptional management teams with unique product / market fit at an inflection point in their company lifecycle. We focus on the software / internet, consumer / retail, and business service verticals and seek to partner with strong businesses via growth investments and majority buyouts.